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The new direction of transportation: European road transportation

MCT Shipping Service Company allocates the international road transportation in a separate direction of its development. Since 2018 we have strengthened our positions in a field of cargo delivery from Europe and ready to offer our clients the following services:
  • Transportation of the consolidated cargoes from all European countries through the consolidation warehouses in Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, as well as in Kotka and Helsinki. Weekly transportation of the consolidated cargoes to Russia. Additional warehouse operations, including marking of the cargoes.
  • Delivery of conventional (FTL) cargoes using tilt-covered refrigerated semi-trailers, as well as mega-trailers and 120m3.
  • Combined transportation using the road transport and the ferry line (Ro-Ro) with the weekly ship calls to the terminals of the port of St. Petersburg.

truckTo calculate a cost of transportation, please contact our specialists from International Road Transport Department or send inquiries through the online service on the website of our company.

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A new player on the Russian market of heavy and oversized shipments

As from 01.09.2016 “Neptumar” Ltd, St. Petersburg, which is the part of «MCT» Group was nominated as booking agent for Chipolbrok in Russia.

Agent will cover Chipolbrok service to/from St. Petersburg port. Subject to sufficient inducement vessels can call at the port of St. Petersburg directly or with transshipment in Antwerp for part cargo.

Service is dedicated to heavy lifts, project and break-bulk cargoes from Far East, Middle East/India to St. Petersburg and vice versa.


It will be interesting, first of all, for transport companies, specializing in transportation of bulky cargoes.

Chipolbrok service advantage is the regular schedule, which is not always characteristic of ship owners operating with the same loads as well as a modern specialized fleet.

May 2017 - Cargo delivery to the Southern Kuriles

Our company has opened a new direction for the delivery of goods from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok to the Southern Kuriles: Yuzhno-Kurilsk (Kunashir), Malokurilskoye (Shikotan Island), Kurilsk (Iturup Island).

Container consignments and LCL cargoes are accepted for transportation.


To calculate a cost of transportation, please contact our specialists in the Vladivostok office of “MST Shipping Service”.


Winning the tender held by Gazprom in 2014

MCT Shipping Service Ltd won the tender held by Gazprom for transportation equipment from St. Petersburg to Yamalo-Nenets region in customs transit regime in 2014. The process of this transportation were complicated as a significant part of the package which arrived to the port of St. Petersburg from the USA was damaged.

Our company carried out survey inspection and repair of packaging. Also part of the cargo (including goods with IMO class) was reloaded in refrigerated containers, according to customer requirements.

The cargo was successfully transported from St. Petersburg to Yakutia within two months in accordance with the contract terms.

Winning the tender for transportation of drilling rigs in 2015

MCT Shipping Service Ltd won the tender held by Gazprom for transportation of two drilling rigs from Omsk to Jebel Ali (UAE) in 2015. As our company has a great experience in the transportation of oversized equipment this cargo was delivered on time, safe and sound.