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  • April 18th 1991
    MCT Shipping Service was founded as an agent of several lines of the Baltic Sea Shipping Company.
  • 1993
    Moscow branch was opened
  • 1995
    MCT Shipping Finland OY was set up in Helsinki, Finland.
  • 1996
    Member of Russian International Forwarding Association.
  • 2003
    Department of sea ferry transportation was opened
  • 2004
    MCT Shipping Service received a certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2000 in the system of the Russian Register in the part of "international freight forwarding"
  • 2006
    Yekaterinburg branch was opened
  • 2007
    Confirmed the participation of MCT Shipping Service in the Russian Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistic Organizations
    The MCT Shipping Service company became an agent of the line Maruba S.A.
    Vladivostok branch was opened
    MCT Shipping Service company passed a re-examination in the "Russian Register", confirming compliance with international standards.
  • 2011
    Shanghai branch was opened       
  • 2013
    Department of customs clearance was opened in St. Petersburg
  • November 2014 -  February 2015
    Customer relationship management programs CRM (Customer Relations Management) were developed and implemented
  • 2015
    JSC "MST Shipping Service" was reorganized into LLC "MST Shipping Service"
  • May 2017
    New directions for the delivery of goods from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok to the Southern  Kuriles: the islands of Kunashir, Shikotan, Iturup was opened