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LCL cargo delivery

We will deliver any part of your cargo including the smallest one. The network of consolidated warehouses in the South-Eastern Asia, Hamburg, Rotterdam, and St. Petersburg allows us a quick delivery of LCL shipments at the minimal price.

We offer solutions for LCL shipments with the following advantages:

  • Regular shipment of an import LCL cargo from the Southeastern Asia and the Northern and Southern Americas to  European ports (ex. Rotterdam, Hamburg, Kotka, Spb)
  • Regular shipment of an export LCL cargo from Russia to any place in the world in the containers by sea
  • Custom support in a country of shipment and in a country of destination
  • Port forwarding in the ports of shipment and destination
  • LCL deliveries from Europe to S. Petersburg and Moscow custom offices by trucks
  • Air delivery to Europe, St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • Consolidation and responsible storage
  • tracing on cargo