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Organization of the rail transportation

Along with the trucking service , the rail transportation is one of the main ways of the cargo delivery, especially for the long distances and to the hard-to-reach regions of Russia where the truck transportation is difficult.  Safety, independence of the weather conditions and relatively low costs are the main advantages of the rail transportation.

We offer the full complex of the rail transportation services for the local, international and intermodal traffic.        

This includes:

  • cargo transportation in the shipping line’s containers
  • cargo transportation in the railway cars of all types (full, box car, etc)
  • transshipment from one kind of transport to another including operations under the custom’s control
  • delivery of dangerous, oversized, long-length and heavy cargo
  • guarding, cargo insurance, surveyor inspection
  • receiving of a cargo at the rail station destination delivery to the client’s warehouse
  • positioning of the empty railway cars and containers
  • and many other services you may require

We would like to offer you our rates for the rail transportation of goods in the containers from Vladivostok, as well as the sea freight rates from the main ports of Southeast Asia and China to Vladivostok.

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